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plastic tree or real? we will have echo friendly choices for making your holidays green. >> and yes, something you create in the kitchen may be your best gift idea, even if you are not martha stewart. i am susan sikora, not martha. we are here with "bay area focus/black renaissance", next!
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. welcome to "bay area focus." i am susan sikora. well, going green for the holidays is not out of focus. we have our special guest here to talk about eco-friendly ideas for the holiday season. >> thank you for having me. >> let's start with the tree. should we get a live treor plastic one? >> i would say real. we did research and the real tree turns out to be environmentally a lot better. if you think about a fake tree, it is a bunch of plastic, made with toxic chemicals, and sometimes they are shipped over from china, which has a big
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echo affect. i think, if you think about a tree, it is really a plant. it is like buying a plant. you may cut it down, but you can also buy them potted so you can plant it afterwards. >> if you have a poted one and you think i will bring it in every year, it could get too big or b, it goes into shock when you bring it in, right? >> yes. have you lived to take it out and plant it to keep it growing. >> should i assume if i have buying a live tree on a lot, going somewhere to cut it down, that they will plant something to replace it? >> i don't think it is an assumption you can make, but you can go to so you can find a christmas tree lot that is closest to
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you. and if it is important to you that they replant a tree, you can always ask them about it and figure it out that way. >> all right. now, the led trees, everybody thought they were great but the prices were so high a few years ago when they first came out. it seem to be coming down a little. is it worth the investment? >> it is. you can really see the savings in your energy bill. especially if you turn them off when you are not using them. when you turp off the light, turn those off, too, so, you can use them if a way that will save you money. >> what about flameless candles, with the batteries you have to use. you can use a flameless candle for a night light, it lights something, yes, it is safe and you don't have to plug anything in. what about the batteries? >> yes e. batteries are not a good thing to throw away. you have to dispose of them
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properly and there are greener batteries. it is good to buy the ones that last a little longer even if they cost more so you can extend the time before you have to throw them away. >> what about tinsel, glitter and stuff like that? >> you don't want to buy stuff you will toss at the end of the season. it is a wasteful time of year for americans. between thanksgiving and christmas there is 20% more waste. >> aren't we the most wasteful planet in the world, anyway? >> yes. and during the holiday seven we have 20 more tons of landfill material per week during the holiday season. >> yes. if you put your live tree in a certain place, they pick it up, recycle it and use it another way. >> they will either mulch it or
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otherwise. >> perfect. let's talk about the perfect gift. calendars, obviously? >> yes. >> and a magazine subscription? i am not splitting a box or wrapping paper around it. i am not sending it, doing it online or using gas. there is paper in the magazine? >> yes. but the sierra magazine comes free with your sierra club membership which starts at $15. so, your membership in the sierra club goes toward supporting all our efforts and environmental issues and you can also get the magazine online. >> you can get an eversion? >> yes. i feel a little conflicted as a journalist saying that, but yes, i read a lot of magazines online only. >> gate great and -- great. what is this? >> this is an up cycled product
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made of discarded paper. >> they feel like plastic beads. >> i know, but they are made up of paper that would have otherwise been in a landfill. they were made by impoverished women in uganda, so, it is great to help them, as well. >> and what is this? >> these are cute little cosmeticsers make of ups, pen, anything. >> and what are the calendars? >> they are the jersey club best seller. they are wildly popular for 30 years. they are $15, they last all year. if you work in a cubicle it is a great way to bring nature into your workspace. >> are we green again? you are using paper but i could
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be using this on my calendar online? >> yes, but paper is paper. there is a cost to everything. >> paper, cardboards for wrap something. >> when i give gift, i like to sort of wrap a gift within a gift. find a out reasonable shopping bag. tie a little ribbon on top and put that under the tree, that way it is two gifts in one and you don't have the waste, so, you can do pretty limb jewelry box, pot for a plant. >> and what is this? >> there is from haiti. >> this is made out of what? >> a reup cycle second-degree oil drum. >> that is. >> an up-cycle oil drum. >> that is amazing! who would have thought. where do you get this stuff. >> >> if you go to macy's, they
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have a whole section for haiti's artisans. >> and finally, are you going to mail cards or do you -- . >> i will not mail cards. i do not like to discourage people from sending greetings, but paperless post has designs you can email. and they donate to charity. >> i stop sending cards. >> i call somebody up and have a conversation with them. >> exactly. 2.65billion christmas cards purchased every year. >> away they go in the trash then. >> yes. >> thank you for being here. sierra magazine has more ideas. you can get that or take a look at it at that -- more ahead. don't go away! thank you!
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. well, what a popular event, what to do if you are jewish on christmas? the answer, jewish comedy and
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a chinese restaurant, known as kung pow! >> welcome back, lisa. >> thank you for having me. this year i turn 50 and the show turns 20. >> okay. it started out as a joke and funny idea and it now is an annual tradition. do you have a lot of people that come annually. this is what they do and how they celebrate? >> we have people that come in annually, from around the country, from europe when they are looking on the interpret what to do, in san francisco for christmas. we have people that will be there this year for their 20th year along with me. >> and you have headliners, too. >> there are four of us. we started in 1993. and in 1997 with penny
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youngman. that was the last show with him. and eight shows over the course of four days since 1997. we have had david brenner, shelly berman, this year judy gold. >> hasn't she been here before? >> she has been on the show before. >> it is coming back? >> some people have performed more than once. >> you perform every year? >> i do. >> you juggle everything. >> i do everything but cook! i do the pr, i oversee the design of the program and the postcards and the website and most of the comics. jews aren't supposed to eat pork but there is a clause in
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the torah that said if it is wrapped up in a wonton it is okay for everybody. i came out of the closet and said mom and dad, i joined jews for jesus! they said we raced you to be jewish. how could you do this to us when we raise you in the jewish faith. i said i am kidding. i am gay! they said oh, thank god! [ laughing ] she said i have a friend with a lesbian daughter, the friend disowned her daughter, don't worry, i would never do that to you. i say i know, i have tried everything. >> you are still here! >> my dad finally came around and said we have a friend who has a gay son you may like. i was like, oh, so close. >> unclear! >> so, there are four jewish comedian, there is gay content, straight content. it is all relatively clean,
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because people come back every year with kids, grandkids. you will have the 16-year-old, the parent, the 80-something- year-old grandparents all coming to the same show. >> i can bring the family, the kids. it is not a sex event. >> yes. i tell people not to bring kids under 12 or 13, but it is up to parental discretion. people say my 8-year-old is growing up in the bay area, is totally hip and watches comedy central. i say it is up to you. it is not andrew dice clay but it is also not balloon animal! [ laughing ] >> all right. you are hosting the jewish family and children's group targeting help for the brown twins. >> yes. >> the ladies vivian and marion. >> yes. >> they used to dress alike. >> you felt like you saw remember cans when you ran into them. they were dressed i denically
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alike. and there is always the bay area and children's center, the fabulous work they do. they build schools, playgrounds, after school programs. they have been around for 30 years and do really wonderful work. >> now, people can come to -- is it eight shows in four days? >> yes. >> this started on christmas. did you not orally start with one night. >> >> yes. it started with one night. the first show was christmas eve and it sold out. the next year was two shows on christmas eve and it sold out. the next year was christmas eve and christmas day and sold out. then three days and four days. so, we have four shows in two days, between 2 and 3,000
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people come. december 22nd through 25th. >> this is at the new ashaw restaurant. is it difficult to -- asia restaurant. is it difficult to get the restaurateurs to go along with this? with the crowds, worrying act fitting them all in. >> first it was interesting, to explain jew, christmas and chinese food. then i justifiablely asked do you have a banquet room. so, this is the 16th year. i have the restaurant reserved a year in advance. they will will not do anything else because i am bringing in four days of business. they get a lot of business and publicity. they know for four days over christmas the jews are coming. >> but you don't have to be jewish? >> snow. but you have to have a sense of humor. if you don't have a sense of humor, stay home. >> i am wondering would you see expanding this to other places -- syndicating it, if you
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will. >> i have been trying to figure out how to clone myself. i produced my show for the third year in l.a. and produced it in other places like new york. they can't use a name because i have a trademark. >> you could use your name and have people running it. >> i have a list. >> i have good connections for you. how is the comedy scene going in san francisco? because a couple years back you talked about the fact it was a little tough. comedy central on tv, it is hard for stand-up comedian to make a living. >> there is a pretty thriving comedy scene. i would not say a lot of people make a living. there are a lot of one- nighters. once a month we have a comedy show at he will rio at the mission. the second day of the month. a lot of people do a monday night show or thursday night
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show. >> so, you keep busy? >> yes. it pays the rent -- i don't know about the utility bills! [ laughing ] >> so great to see you. december 22nd through 25th is when you can go suh the comedy show. can you make reservations in advance? >> you can. you can buy individual tickets or a table of 10. >> and you can do to later one and you get the egg rolls. >> the early one is dinner, six course dinner for $64 and the earlier one is cocktails and a egg roll for 44. >> stay with us. more ahead!
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. if i get through this next segment without eating, it will be a miracle. if the thought of roaming the mall makes you tired and online shopping is not for you, dawn morilla suggests you hit the kitchen. she was 9 when she wrote her first cookbook. she now writes a column for the chronicle called "food for
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thought." welcome! >> people think can i buy cookies, put them on a plate and pretend i made them myself? >> well, you could, but your friends will ask for the recipe, and then what do you do? >> people are trying to watch their penny, budget things. you want to do something nice but you don't want to look like asory bid if you are not such a chef. >> well, you can buy stuff. but don't say this is your own. you will get caught in a lie. for me, the easiest thing to do is these bar cookies. you put them in the pan, bake them, and cut them into squares when they are cool. the hottest ones -- and i never make these anymore, the cut up cookies. you have to roll them up, i never do that. stamping them out -- it is just too much. business coty is very easy to
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make. people think it is difficult. you make up the dough, roll it into a log, put it in the oven. when it is done baking you slice them and put them back in the of to dry out. that is it. >> yes, they don't seem too difficult but when they are too hard, i don't like them. >> yes. i have gotten biscotti where they are so hard, you can't even bite through them. i mean, what is the point. >> what is the best cookie to bring as a gift, knowing it
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will always be a winner, people will like it. >> chocolate chip cookies are always a standard and everybody likes them. people may or may not like walnuts. i put half the batch with walnuts and half the batch without. >> you have to buy fresh ingredients, otherwise, cost- wise. that can add up too, can't it? >> yes. >> are you better off doubling and tripling a recipe. >> do you get more of a bang for the buck that way? >> i do. you have the opposite on, you may use -- you have the oven on. you may as well use it. with cookie dough, you can hold on to it, put it in the refrigerator or freezer even. >> these are not simple cookies. what is this one over here? >> which one? >> the chocolate in the powder sugar! >> this one is a short bread on the bottom and top. kind of a fudge layer
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inbetween. you get chocolate chips and melt it with condensed milk and put in nuts and sometimes i put in chopped apricots. you pour it over the layer, the first layer, put the second layer on on the, but it in the oven and bake it. >> what is that? it looks like a snickerdoodle. >> those are chocolate sprinkles. you roll it into a ball and then into powdered sugar before putting it in the oven. >> we all know they are fat, obviously, but for those with dietary issues, is it important to let people know how much sugar, salt and fag are in things? >> i think most people understand cookies have fat in it. they have flour and sugar and but. >> after the second cookie they forget. >> it is their fault if they don't pay attention. if she are vegan, tell them if there is butter in it.
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or if they are allergic to nut, let them know. i mean, i bake once a week. >> you are not fat. what is the deal? >> i save a few for myself and bring the rest to work. >> fatten them up. >> yes. >> this is not your book? you own it but you didn't write it? >> i love this book. this is a diy cookbook from the america test kitchen. if you don't want to make cookies and want to make something different that is also a food book, you can make your own creamed cheese, lemon cello, apple butter. there is so much stuff in here. wine jelly. things you can buy at the store.
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>> thank you so much. it all sounds wonderful. well, we will leave you with this beautiful chorus. i am susan sikora. thank you for watching. go bake!
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